Tuesday, 3 March 2009

All gone quiet

Blimey we've all stopped blogging....

On my part I suppose I've not had too much to say really, lifes going on and Emily continues to grow up and develop.

Had a nice weekend last week, with Emily's Uncle Andrew, Anuty Lucy, and Nana and Grandad visiting on the Saturday - I think she spent the day so excited she was exhausted and ill on Sunday. Should be some photos at some point.

Also landmark was the birth of our friends Colin and Marion's second child Joe, on Sunday.
I'm also aware that two tiny scottish people (maybe not so tiny now!) had a birthday on Saturday :o), so several nice events happened to close February.

Anywy to spice up my blogg I've had an idea I'm going to instigate a desert island discs feature where I post about a given tune, why I like it and its relevance in my life, probably one tune in a post over I don't know how many days or weeks. I may even decide on a luxury and a book to take with me too!

Heres my challenge to the other bloggers out there -why don't you try it too.....