Tuesday, 10 February 2009

I'm considering becoming Pastafarian

I suggest you all read this!
I especially love the section on corrolation and causality using the decline in the pirate population to the increase in global warming.....

Other than this I heard a top story from a colleage at work whos sig other mumbles "I'm the firestarter" in his sleep after a few beers. Hope I don't waffle on whilst snoozing, given my treacherous "internal jukebox" (a phrase stolen from either Cath or Dr Smith-Spark to describe the songs randomly playing in your head), and its current playlist of Hot Chocolates you sexy thing, the postman pat theme and the theme from Bergerace who knows what I'd be sleep singing. I'll leave you to ponder this disturbing scenario.

Monday, 9 February 2009


Missed work today recouperating from a bout of man flu that started yesterday afternoon. I started with aches, headache tiredness, feeling cold at the time so ended up in bed at 8.30. However Emily woke up at 2am wanting to "change nappie" and ended up keeping me up until nearly 4am. I eventually crawled back to bed shattered, and slept until 7.

Other things Emily- shes loving The White Stripes Seven Nation Army, she keeps requesting it on music on demand via our cable TV, so tonight I introduced her to The Clash, Rock the Casbah, so now Emily can say Clash, and Joe when Mr Strummers on screen!

Anyhow back to my illness, i spent the day on the sofa, drifting in and out of sleep under a blanket, catching up on 2 episodes of Generation Kill, a fab series on FX based on the diaries of a journalist embedded with the a US marine corps recconaisance company in the 2nd gulf war. Its gritty and feels realistic in the same way band of brothers /private ryan was made, and its by the people who made the US cop show The Wire that everybody raves about but I'm yet to see.

By this afternoon I'd snoozed through most of Carlitos way woke up and suddenly felt fairly good just mildly snotty, so its back to work tomorrow, snow permitting of course.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Gravest News

Sad day today another great rock and roll hero of mines passed away to the hall of fame in the sky, actually could definatly be the hall of fame down below in this case.

RIP Lux Interior, crazy, enigmatic, stylish front man of the Cramps. Apparently it was a pre existing heart condition, he was 60, although on stage he(like his contemporay Iggy) paid no heed to age. As a friend said its surprising he lasted so long as he probably was one of the true embodiments of the R&R lifestyle. For all of this he was devoted to his wife Ivy the bands guitarist and obviously his muse, and its obviously going to be a horrible time for her at the moment. Its funny The Cramps were on a list of bands that fans were voting for to play the ATP vs the fans festival in the UK in May. However Georgey via her LA connections did say last month it was unlikely as rumours were oneof the band wasn't well.

For those curious about the other rock and roll loss, last month Ron Ashton guitarist of Iggy and The Stooges died, leaving me a major regret, -I never saw the Stooges since their reformation a couple of years ago. Oh well at least I saw the Cramps a couple of times.

On more cheery notes I have worked from home a bit this week, managed to achieve a fair bit and take an afternoon as holiday today to play in the snow with Emily. We built a rough and ready snowman, with a snowhawk!!!
We then came in and had a lovely home made shepherds pie ,ta Cath, watched a bit of telly, listened to the test match on the radio, and then put Emily to bed via the bath. Big news here is Emily is now sleepig in a bed and after first night nerves seems happy enough cuddling up with Bobby the monkey, teddy bear, Miaow the cat and label ! yes label, a red flannel with a washing label that Emily likes to hold! whilst either Cath or I read her Goldilocks and the three bears.

Anyhow bed now beckons

toodle pip