Monday, 29 December 2008

Another Christmas hurrah!

Well there goes another one! And again its been good. Emily was spoilt by everyone, she had a nice xmas day but did get a bit over excited so much so we staggered present opening over a couple of days. We spent xmas at home with just me Cath and Emily, Cath serving up a top dinner although my choice of sausages in bacon was poor (went for quantity over quality)too much fat and gristle (tesco you should be ashamed).

So pressie wise I recieved some much desired CD's, interesting books, a magazine subscription (top one Bouchers!) and a share in the laptop i'm using. Technology wise I've had a frenzy recently what with buying an Ipod touch and upgrading my mobile phone to a samsung touch screen.

We visited my parents on boxing day and had a lovely time sadly I did not see my Grandparents due to my Nan having flu, and us being careful about Emily. Today we returned from the in laws again was well fed and watered, Emily had a great time and we got to catch up with my siser in law Anne-Marie who we don't see often enough. We even briefly saw her other half Del for 5 mins! Was nice to sit back and have beer delivered to me by Mrs Doyle (the mother in law) whilst watching Sky sports (test cricket hurrah!) with Tom.

So now its DIY time - Emilys room needs rejigging so IKEA beckons this week! Wish me well.......

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Hello again, so finally starting to feel festive, this week we finally released a batch of raw material to production, and luckily the final product batch is not to be tested until after the holidays giving me a bit of breathing space. We had a Christmas pub lunch today and did secret santa, I did rather well a bottle of Hendersons relish, and 2 yorkshire cookbooks!

I think my colds clearing, sadly I cancelled DJing my deptment xmas bash, as Emily had kept us up the night before and I felt dreadfulwith the cold, I always have mixed feelings about this event as its hard to judge a bunch of pissed chemists musical taste, but I did miss doing it as it would be the first time in ages I've DJ'd.

I think we are now 99% christmas present sorted, and I'm now planning Emily's bedroom upgrade- a real bed and Ikea wardrobe that hopefully will last into her teens (PAX range its ace).

I've got my end of year review tomorrow- not sure how it will go I've achieved some key stuff but at the expense of other objectives. Oh well Emilys awake best go.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Just a quick hello to say we are all still ok , butbusy busy. I'm typing this on our new laptop (check the technology boom- I've bought a 32 ipod touch, wow, finally apple tempted me).

I've been away at a conference in Edinbugh, part organised by top mate Georgie whos becoming a maor player in our field of science!

Had a nice time good presentations, top food- ever in old reckie go to Roti a posh indian restaurant on Morrison st. Rogan Josh lamb shank, haggis pakora, fabulous -it was posh indian grub served in a very swanky restaurant, not a cheap and cheerful curry house. Of course plenty of beer too, ended up drinking with two Irish guys and boy they could drink!!!

It was good to get home by Friday evening I missed Emily and Cath a lot, made me think of Pete B out there in Libya.

Anyway my baths run


Monday, 1 December 2008

5 day mamoth post

Sorry things have been quiet, we have been up to my Mums to visit them, Sheffield and catch up with old friends.

On Thursday we arrived and after no more than a few minutes Emily was happily settled with her Grandparents. We were fed an excellent lasagne and then we started the process of getting Emily to sleep whilst geting ready for Cath and I's first night out together without Emily since 2006, whilst Mum and Dad keep there ears on the baby monitor. Eventually Emily settled and we were dropped off at a freezing tram stop to catch the tram to Sheffield city cenre, and Sheffeld Acadamy (of which we found out about an hour before hand our friend Richard Hunter is now manager- more later) where Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds awaited us. Upon arrival whilst waitig for a beer our first familiar face appeared -Ju, who was there on his tod as great mate Jase hadn't made it into the venue at that point. We had a good catch up ordered several beers and then showtime!

Suffice to say maybe the best set I've seen them play in terms of back catalogue although the Abattoir blues tour in 06 (or was it 05) sounded amazing with the gospel choir.

Songs played (not complete) included We call upon the author, Lazarus dig yourself, The Mercy Seat, Deanna, Tupelo, The Weeping song, The Ship song, Stagger Lee, Nature Boy,Red Right Hand, I think in to my arms and Jack The Ripper were played too.

Great gig although it was nearly cut short by Nick Cave falling of the stage during Nature Boy, which gave Richard H a bit of scare i fond out later as a similar incident involving Ian Brown in summer lead to a short gig and ugly scenes.

During the gig we met up with Mark Jackson, bumpedinto Coupey and Di and arranged to meet Pip and Step who were in the balcony aterwards.

We made an attempt to go for late drinks near the venue however it just shows how old we all are as no body knew a venue that was open late on Thursdays, otherthan studenty division / west street. So we went home and raided Mums fridge. Unfortunatly we were awoken in the middle of the night by Emily so I disturbed night was had by all.

Friday say early us all rising and me feeling a bit rough. We had plans though- today Cath and Mum had concocted a plan to go to Holmfirth- yes that Holmfirth of last of the summer wine fame. It appears theresa knittingmecca there (a Rowan discount shop apparently) so off we went on a freezing morning to wander round a cold Yorkshire town, with Cath searching for kniting, Dad pointing out TV landmarks and me feeling hungry. Eventually managed to get pie and peas down me, and Cath managed not to buy the shops stock before journeying home for a well deserved nap before dinner at my Nans (who makes the best Yorkshire puddings in the world).

Friday night saw us make another attempt at a night out in Sheffield this time with me driving. Plans were for a meeting in a quiet pub with friends to chat, but as Emily settled quickly we managed to pop into see other mates who were attending Pete H's newish lady's birthday bash. Here we managed to see Pete, Rob T, Coupey and Di again and have a chat before heading off to the Red Lion.

Upon walking in we saw Pip straight away- who could miss the hair, and saw that Step and Nailsey had bagged a table. Top surprise though wa the unarranged presence of Richard H in the pub on a post work drinks thing. Darren and Sue arrived not long afterwards as did Andy B and a good chatting/ catch up session was had by all. We were even joined by people from the previous pub at around 11. Just like old times at Collegiate cresent on Thursdays or the NMB on Tuesdays.

One interesting idea was th idea raised by Rob and Pip about the od Epitaph Dissolution mob getting together for a one off night just for fun. Its a thought thats crossed my mind too although I ave to say the music would have to be not focussed whats cool / popular with the current goth scene as really none of us look like goths anymore and I guess we don't really keep up with the scene. Ideally it would be aight where the DJs play sets of music they love to a hopefully appreciative crowd. I'd like to say no requests but I'm not sure thats fair if we charge entry -which we will have to do to cover a venue/PA hire. Anyhow theres loads more to think about before its a goer but well watch this space.

To close an excellent Friday Cath and I hit a drive through Mcdonalds (all that we could find open) after dropping Darren and Sue off at home.

Saturday brought a hectic morning packing , collecting cakes from my Nan and heading to Dave Nails and Julies new house to meet their children George and Oliver. We had a top time it wa soooo good to see them, and meet two great boys, with a fantastic Thomas the tank engine collection too! Its a nice house as well, with loads of potential, and nice to see that Dave and Julie have succumbed to the charms of suberbia like us.

Arrival home via foggy roads didn't take too long and Saturday night saw Cath make a brilliant curry and I watched the film Black Book about a WWII female dutch resistance agent which I enjoyed, although Caths comment everytime she looked up from her knitting was that there was either violence or nudity on screen which isn't a true a reflection of the film, honest.

Sunday say me work for a few hours and also help out with some hand print pictures Cath and Emily were doing.

Right I can smell dinner which is ranch style chilli ! so I'd better go.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Almost there !

Almost finished the documents I have been working on. A few bits to tidy up tomorrow and I'm there I think. Anyway tired so thats todays entry.

toodle Pip!

Saturday, 22 November 2008

(adopt geordie accent) Day two in Ians Blog

sorry way old joke there!

So day two, and we are now wireless -finally purchased a wireless router and Smithy my Cisco qualified mate set it up whilst I did nothing much! We went to the new Tesco Home shop 5 minutes away to buy it, the shops kind of Argos crosssed with Tesco Extra minus food, - looked ok but the car park of what used to be a dead retail park was packed. Queues to get in and out, people gesticulating over spaces etc, sure it will die down though.

Emily went to a birthday party-first one shes attended we were having the "what if she is the naughty one"nerves as shes approaching the terrible twos (not that she is normally naughty at all ). I suppose she does have her moments, however I picked up a very proud Mum and happy daughter afterwards. Apparently Emily had been lovely at the party. In fact all of the kids there were. Cath felt pleased to have observed a little of the interactons that the kids from Emilys nursery have. It appears they are all good friends and play together really well.

Smithy arrived at lunch time regailing tales of the Carter USM gig in Brum last night, even EMF were good according to him (hmmm doubtful), although due to a flat battery at Keele services he missed Vileevils (ex PWEI) which was a shame.

Talking gigs Cath and I have our first night out together on Thurday since Emilys birth, we are seeing Nick Cave in our old stomping ground of Sheffield , at the Academy. This was a new venue to me, until I realised its the old Roxy, a place we used to go on Mondays when we first met to attend the mostly awful rock night, mainly to flyer our goth alternative night, and for the odd Goth track that was played / generally to hang with mates and drink cheapish beer. Be interesting to see what its like.

Any way nothing more to say really so more probably Monday/ Tuesday as Andy is visiting tomorrow.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Ok- the first day

So here goes my first day bloging. Its been a tough day/ week, works really hectic at the minute theres a deadline to meet and problems keep multiplying the nearer i get to the deadline. It feels never ending to be honest. I know what you are all thinking -"whats new its like this for me, and it probably is" but i'm struggling as its a new project, new type of medicine and an area I've never worked in before (no experience at all) and a phase of development I've neer worked in, and yet my responsabilities are the most I've had and I'm writing a submission to european authorities. I felt like quiting yesterday ( financially I can't! so don't worry) , however I dashed home in time to catch Emily just as she was heading to bed, and was greeted with such joy, and with a run, cheer and a huge cuddle that my spirits lifted hugely, couple that with a measure (or two ) of Jamesons, an infrequent atempt at cookery (chicken breasts stuffed with cumberland sausage wrapped in parma ham, a la hairy bikers) and I was rebuilt enough to face today. Other than that things are good, Smithy offered me a ticket last night to see Carter USM, EMF and Vileviles (ex PWEI) at Brum academy tonight, but had to decline due to money and feeling knackered, right choice given I feel aseep at 10 for a while tonight. Smithys visiting tomorrow so it will be nice to see him and Emilys Uncle Andrew( my bro) is visiting on Sunday which should be fun, I think hes going to be so surprised at Emily now. Also Cath is taking Emily to her friends birthday party tomorrow (first one)!

So theres the news from here, time now to catch up with the Libyan crusader, the geek bloke, and the two uber Mums.

First post

Ok here it is a milstone for me, Mr " No I don't do facebook I have friends in real life!", my first blog post. I think as I've got a bit older and times more precious its become harder to keep in touch with people via the usual routes. Specific apologies to any of our Sheffield friends who Cath and I keep saying we need to see (and introduce them to Emily) but time doesn't seem to allow it.

Anyhow I've broken the ice heres a post and now its back to work....more on this later!