Monday, 24 November 2008

Almost there !

Almost finished the documents I have been working on. A few bits to tidy up tomorrow and I'm there I think. Anyway tired so thats todays entry.

toodle Pip!

Saturday, 22 November 2008

(adopt geordie accent) Day two in Ians Blog

sorry way old joke there!

So day two, and we are now wireless -finally purchased a wireless router and Smithy my Cisco qualified mate set it up whilst I did nothing much! We went to the new Tesco Home shop 5 minutes away to buy it, the shops kind of Argos crosssed with Tesco Extra minus food, - looked ok but the car park of what used to be a dead retail park was packed. Queues to get in and out, people gesticulating over spaces etc, sure it will die down though.

Emily went to a birthday party-first one shes attended we were having the "what if she is the naughty one"nerves as shes approaching the terrible twos (not that she is normally naughty at all ). I suppose she does have her moments, however I picked up a very proud Mum and happy daughter afterwards. Apparently Emily had been lovely at the party. In fact all of the kids there were. Cath felt pleased to have observed a little of the interactons that the kids from Emilys nursery have. It appears they are all good friends and play together really well.

Smithy arrived at lunch time regailing tales of the Carter USM gig in Brum last night, even EMF were good according to him (hmmm doubtful), although due to a flat battery at Keele services he missed Vileevils (ex PWEI) which was a shame.

Talking gigs Cath and I have our first night out together on Thurday since Emilys birth, we are seeing Nick Cave in our old stomping ground of Sheffield , at the Academy. This was a new venue to me, until I realised its the old Roxy, a place we used to go on Mondays when we first met to attend the mostly awful rock night, mainly to flyer our goth alternative night, and for the odd Goth track that was played / generally to hang with mates and drink cheapish beer. Be interesting to see what its like.

Any way nothing more to say really so more probably Monday/ Tuesday as Andy is visiting tomorrow.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Ok- the first day

So here goes my first day bloging. Its been a tough day/ week, works really hectic at the minute theres a deadline to meet and problems keep multiplying the nearer i get to the deadline. It feels never ending to be honest. I know what you are all thinking -"whats new its like this for me, and it probably is" but i'm struggling as its a new project, new type of medicine and an area I've never worked in before (no experience at all) and a phase of development I've neer worked in, and yet my responsabilities are the most I've had and I'm writing a submission to european authorities. I felt like quiting yesterday ( financially I can't! so don't worry) , however I dashed home in time to catch Emily just as she was heading to bed, and was greeted with such joy, and with a run, cheer and a huge cuddle that my spirits lifted hugely, couple that with a measure (or two ) of Jamesons, an infrequent atempt at cookery (chicken breasts stuffed with cumberland sausage wrapped in parma ham, a la hairy bikers) and I was rebuilt enough to face today. Other than that things are good, Smithy offered me a ticket last night to see Carter USM, EMF and Vileviles (ex PWEI) at Brum academy tonight, but had to decline due to money and feeling knackered, right choice given I feel aseep at 10 for a while tonight. Smithys visiting tomorrow so it will be nice to see him and Emilys Uncle Andrew( my bro) is visiting on Sunday which should be fun, I think hes going to be so surprised at Emily now. Also Cath is taking Emily to her friends birthday party tomorrow (first one)!

So theres the news from here, time now to catch up with the Libyan crusader, the geek bloke, and the two uber Mums.

First post

Ok here it is a milstone for me, Mr " No I don't do facebook I have friends in real life!", my first blog post. I think as I've got a bit older and times more precious its become harder to keep in touch with people via the usual routes. Specific apologies to any of our Sheffield friends who Cath and I keep saying we need to see (and introduce them to Emily) but time doesn't seem to allow it.

Anyhow I've broken the ice heres a post and now its back to work....more on this later!