Saturday, 24 January 2009


Currently the entire Carter clan are sat if a vegative state in the living room. We seem to be run down, and tired. This is not surprising given that Emily has been getting up during the night for the last week or so, and then trying to get up at 4 or 5 am because shes wide awake. Add to this our snottiness level, and we have a mass douvet day. Of course me having a night out last night hasn't helped either ( a birthday at work, -Thai food and a real ale pub, yum, although I was home before 11).

Emily fact of the day - she loves The White Stripes 7 nation army video, she dances to it rather excitedly , and no other White stripes tunes seem to have the same effect. See didn;t object to Elbow either, but no dancing.

We have rented the Dark Knight to watch this weekend so once Emily is asleep I'll probably nod off in front of that this evening.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Rubbish day at work!!!! issues with a test I really needed the results of today, meant that I had to raise an investigation , heap more work on to a colleague, and just make home in time to put Emily to bed. Emily as it turns out doesn't appear to be too well, shes incredibly disturbed in her sleep(I've just been up there soothing her), Cath and I hope its not an ear infection, -she seems susceptable to them, and they really upset her.

On a positive note Emily surprised Cath earlier. During Emilys bath Cath was showing how when you pour water on the flowers on the teletubbies bath island they open, Emily then went on to say lots of flowers, Garden....... which sems a very big logical association (proud Mummy and Daddy moment). I think we may have our work cut out keeping up with Emilys development, whilst watching our actions and language over the next year or two, it seems she picks things up very quickly.

Other happenings been scooting around on e bay seeing how much tickets were going for the Specials reunion gigs, I've been watching for that for ages, then missed the on sale day whilst attending a conference...grrrrrr

Still I'm seeing Eagles of Death metal with Chris, and The Supersuckers are playing Nottingham in April. I'm considering the ATP festival probably the Breeders curated one although the Jesus Lizard play the one the week before .... choices choices also means I need a posse of at least 4 people as all 2-3 person chalets are sold out... in fact Brett interested? Throwing Muses are playing with the Breeders......does depend on cash flow as we need get £640 together to pay for the chalet and gig tickets for four in one lump, ouch.....

Sure there will be more interesting gigs this year, I'm giving the Glasvegas/Whitele Lies NME tour a miss as it will be full of flavour of the month types, who go to whatever NME says is cool. Shame as Glasvegas were good in Nottingham last October. Anyway time for bed, night night all.

Sunday, 18 January 2009


Just sat downstairs listening to Emily on the baby monitor- shes supposed to be having a nap but shes bouncing up and down in her cot singing Everybody wants to be a cat from Disneys Aristocats. I've a feeling the nap won't happen today!

The Carters had a trip to Nottingham centre yesterday, a jaunt around M&S (incuding the 10 pound meal for 2 deal= Gammon, dauphinoise potatoes, Profita rolls and a bottle of surprisingly decent red).

I took Emily up to the market square where we spend a happy 20 mins or so watching the various fountains and water features, with me pointing out the difference between a fountain and a waterfall. Meanwhile Cath was having a look in various stores for Emily clothing etc.

Update on the radio Emily- Bob the Builders song now!!!

Nothing too much else to report.... no music purchases yet this year, - although I've heard good things about White Lies - Album out tomorrow, and at some point I should pick up Block Parties third album. Been looking at the recent Sisters reissues there are a few tracks on some of the expanded CDs worth owning although it looks like you can buy individual tracks on Amazons new MP3 service. Was looking on E bay and some of the 90's UK goth stuff was being sold by someone in Russia for 20 quid a disc (Suspira etc) I may have a look see if I have anything to flog from this era, if thats the going rate........Other than that I must remember to put the Cures Kiss me.... on my i pod, and at some point buy the Faith expanded edition.

Right off now seems Emily is not going to sleep so Caths bring her down, therefore time to put the laptop away.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Just a quick thought, how do you increase your follower numbers / know if anyones reading this? I've been having dillusions of being like Ghandi, - buy this I mean having lots of followers :o) (I am only joking, my egos not gone all Kevin Peterson yet!)

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Emily is 2

Emily's birthday, so shes had another haul of pressies including a keyboard with a microphone (future karaoke star?) and a visit from both sets of grandparents. We have a had a lovely day Emily was thrilled to see them and appears to have had a great day. Cath as usual provided lovely grub and a cake on a credit crunch budget, (feeding 7 and making a cake for 15 quid -beat that ready steady cook!)

So back to work tomorrow and then a weekend of flat pack furniture for Emily's room awaits although we plan to catch up with Colin , Marion and Erin this weekend.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy new year

Ok I'm a bit late. S0 2009 is here, and 2008 condemned to the annals of history- all in all a good year, Emily has grown in every way from a cute baby to a lovely little girl, with her own character, which is 99% lovely and 1% minxy which is definitely a trait from both parents. During the year we have watched Emily's vocabulary increase exponentially which means I now really have to watch my own use of language.

Other highlights- the new kitchen- phew blood sweet tears and diminished bank balances later we have done it -all except the bizarre under counter lights. Also seeing some of our mates again including a lovely couple of nights out in Sheffield in November, but also seeing Dok, Jane, Brett, Cath and Emma (well I did- and we must get both family's together soon!) and the Bouchers in September.

Went to a few great gigs last year, in no particular order My Bloody Valentine (at the fabulous Roundhouse), Fields of The Nephilim, Reverend Horton Heat, Glasvegas, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Hayseed Dixie to name a few. Looking forward to Eagles of Death Metal later this year and possibly the Jesus Lizard, I wonder what other reunions will occur in 2009? I'd like another PWEI one, or a Gaye Bikers on Acid reunion would be good if they played the album Stewed to the gills.

2008 saw Rotherham united leave Millmoor their ground since the 1920s I think , due to the alleged greed of the land owners and the rent they wanted for the ground. The club are now playing at Don Valley stadium in SHEFFIELD which isn't right both in terms of location and format of the ground which is too big and has a running track separating the pitch from fans removing the intimacy enjoyed at Millmoor. Hopefully the town council will now get its finger out and build the stadium its promised for years!

Work for both cath and I was tough, Cath's due to organisation changes (I'll say no more!) and mine due to a change in my focus and some increased responsibility which was hard to grasp given the specific projects time lines. I'm hoping I've picked up a lot of new skills and am better equipped for 2009.

So for 2009 whats to look forward to- well Emily is 2 next week! its the year of Cath and I's 10th Wedding anniversary - doesn't feel like 10 years but when you look back at things that have happened (Emily, house buying, ending Dissolution etc) the timeline unfolds a little.

I think as a family one of the key events was the death of Cath's grandma, "Mama" or "Daisy" as she was known . I can only comment on my thoughts which obviously are not a fraction of Caths, but I found it a time of mixed blessings. Since meeting Cath we watched the decline of a formidable force of nature -the bedrock of Caths family. Towards the end Mama was in a home to relieve the pressure on Caths Mum, Uncle and cousin Jack. It was never nice visiting her there compared to her lovely welcoming terrace house, and seeing the fading of Mamas memory's was still more saddening. The funeral however was a touching affair, I was honoured to have been asked to read at the service, and see the bizarre priest in action (some of his comments were incredibly odd). Its the first family funeral I have attended as an adult, having missed the funeral of my Grandparents on my Dads side during my teens (I regret this now). It did have some plus's it was nice to see the family together, and I hope it allows Marion and Tom to start and enjoy their retirement and maybe get away to Ireland, Italy or wherever this year without any worries.

Moving on I'm sure I've missed stuff but here's hoping in 2009, that Cath and I have better years at work, Emily carries on to being the fabulous little person she is, and that family and friends all have a good year.

Oh and my new years resolution- A little wine influenced but I have resolved to consider the potential and possibilities of hats..........