Thursday, 18 December 2008

Hello again, so finally starting to feel festive, this week we finally released a batch of raw material to production, and luckily the final product batch is not to be tested until after the holidays giving me a bit of breathing space. We had a Christmas pub lunch today and did secret santa, I did rather well a bottle of Hendersons relish, and 2 yorkshire cookbooks!

I think my colds clearing, sadly I cancelled DJing my deptment xmas bash, as Emily had kept us up the night before and I felt dreadfulwith the cold, I always have mixed feelings about this event as its hard to judge a bunch of pissed chemists musical taste, but I did miss doing it as it would be the first time in ages I've DJ'd.

I think we are now 99% christmas present sorted, and I'm now planning Emily's bedroom upgrade- a real bed and Ikea wardrobe that hopefully will last into her teens (PAX range its ace).

I've got my end of year review tomorrow- not sure how it will go I've achieved some key stuff but at the expense of other objectives. Oh well Emilys awake best go.

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