Monday, 29 December 2008

Another Christmas hurrah!

Well there goes another one! And again its been good. Emily was spoilt by everyone, she had a nice xmas day but did get a bit over excited so much so we staggered present opening over a couple of days. We spent xmas at home with just me Cath and Emily, Cath serving up a top dinner although my choice of sausages in bacon was poor (went for quantity over quality)too much fat and gristle (tesco you should be ashamed).

So pressie wise I recieved some much desired CD's, interesting books, a magazine subscription (top one Bouchers!) and a share in the laptop i'm using. Technology wise I've had a frenzy recently what with buying an Ipod touch and upgrading my mobile phone to a samsung touch screen.

We visited my parents on boxing day and had a lovely time sadly I did not see my Grandparents due to my Nan having flu, and us being careful about Emily. Today we returned from the in laws again was well fed and watered, Emily had a great time and we got to catch up with my siser in law Anne-Marie who we don't see often enough. We even briefly saw her other half Del for 5 mins! Was nice to sit back and have beer delivered to me by Mrs Doyle (the mother in law) whilst watching Sky sports (test cricket hurrah!) with Tom.

So now its DIY time - Emilys room needs rejigging so IKEA beckons this week! Wish me well.......

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