Sunday, 14 December 2008

Just a quick hello to say we are all still ok , butbusy busy. I'm typing this on our new laptop (check the technology boom- I've bought a 32 ipod touch, wow, finally apple tempted me).

I've been away at a conference in Edinbugh, part organised by top mate Georgie whos becoming a maor player in our field of science!

Had a nice time good presentations, top food- ever in old reckie go to Roti a posh indian restaurant on Morrison st. Rogan Josh lamb shank, haggis pakora, fabulous -it was posh indian grub served in a very swanky restaurant, not a cheap and cheerful curry house. Of course plenty of beer too, ended up drinking with two Irish guys and boy they could drink!!!

It was good to get home by Friday evening I missed Emily and Cath a lot, made me think of Pete B out there in Libya.

Anyway my baths run


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