Thursday, 5 February 2009

Gravest News

Sad day today another great rock and roll hero of mines passed away to the hall of fame in the sky, actually could definatly be the hall of fame down below in this case.

RIP Lux Interior, crazy, enigmatic, stylish front man of the Cramps. Apparently it was a pre existing heart condition, he was 60, although on stage he(like his contemporay Iggy) paid no heed to age. As a friend said its surprising he lasted so long as he probably was one of the true embodiments of the R&R lifestyle. For all of this he was devoted to his wife Ivy the bands guitarist and obviously his muse, and its obviously going to be a horrible time for her at the moment. Its funny The Cramps were on a list of bands that fans were voting for to play the ATP vs the fans festival in the UK in May. However Georgey via her LA connections did say last month it was unlikely as rumours were oneof the band wasn't well.

For those curious about the other rock and roll loss, last month Ron Ashton guitarist of Iggy and The Stooges died, leaving me a major regret, -I never saw the Stooges since their reformation a couple of years ago. Oh well at least I saw the Cramps a couple of times.

On more cheery notes I have worked from home a bit this week, managed to achieve a fair bit and take an afternoon as holiday today to play in the snow with Emily. We built a rough and ready snowman, with a snowhawk!!!
We then came in and had a lovely home made shepherds pie ,ta Cath, watched a bit of telly, listened to the test match on the radio, and then put Emily to bed via the bath. Big news here is Emily is now sleepig in a bed and after first night nerves seems happy enough cuddling up with Bobby the monkey, teddy bear, Miaow the cat and label ! yes label, a red flannel with a washing label that Emily likes to hold! whilst either Cath or I read her Goldilocks and the three bears.

Anyhow bed now beckons

toodle pip

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