Saturday, 24 January 2009


Currently the entire Carter clan are sat if a vegative state in the living room. We seem to be run down, and tired. This is not surprising given that Emily has been getting up during the night for the last week or so, and then trying to get up at 4 or 5 am because shes wide awake. Add to this our snottiness level, and we have a mass douvet day. Of course me having a night out last night hasn't helped either ( a birthday at work, -Thai food and a real ale pub, yum, although I was home before 11).

Emily fact of the day - she loves The White Stripes 7 nation army video, she dances to it rather excitedly , and no other White stripes tunes seem to have the same effect. See didn;t object to Elbow either, but no dancing.

We have rented the Dark Knight to watch this weekend so once Emily is asleep I'll probably nod off in front of that this evening.

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