Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Rubbish day at work!!!! issues with a test I really needed the results of today, meant that I had to raise an investigation , heap more work on to a colleague, and just make home in time to put Emily to bed. Emily as it turns out doesn't appear to be too well, shes incredibly disturbed in her sleep(I've just been up there soothing her), Cath and I hope its not an ear infection, -she seems susceptable to them, and they really upset her.

On a positive note Emily surprised Cath earlier. During Emilys bath Cath was showing how when you pour water on the flowers on the teletubbies bath island they open, Emily then went on to say lots of flowers, Garden....... which sems a very big logical association (proud Mummy and Daddy moment). I think we may have our work cut out keeping up with Emilys development, whilst watching our actions and language over the next year or two, it seems she picks things up very quickly.

Other happenings been scooting around on e bay seeing how much tickets were going for the Specials reunion gigs, I've been watching for that for ages, then missed the on sale day whilst attending a conference...grrrrrr

Still I'm seeing Eagles of Death metal with Chris, and The Supersuckers are playing Nottingham in April. I'm considering the ATP festival probably the Breeders curated one although the Jesus Lizard play the one the week before .... choices choices also means I need a posse of at least 4 people as all 2-3 person chalets are sold out... in fact Brett interested? Throwing Muses are playing with the Breeders......does depend on cash flow as we need get £640 together to pay for the chalet and gig tickets for four in one lump, ouch.....

Sure there will be more interesting gigs this year, I'm giving the Glasvegas/Whitele Lies NME tour a miss as it will be full of flavour of the month types, who go to whatever NME says is cool. Shame as Glasvegas were good in Nottingham last October. Anyway time for bed, night night all.

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  1. ATP, Yes, Yes, Yes, I'd absolutley love to go, saw it awhile ago but didnt realise you'd be up for it. Can you fill two more places or do you want me to see if I can find anybody else who is interested.
    Give me a call about it when you get time.