Sunday, 18 January 2009


Just sat downstairs listening to Emily on the baby monitor- shes supposed to be having a nap but shes bouncing up and down in her cot singing Everybody wants to be a cat from Disneys Aristocats. I've a feeling the nap won't happen today!

The Carters had a trip to Nottingham centre yesterday, a jaunt around M&S (incuding the 10 pound meal for 2 deal= Gammon, dauphinoise potatoes, Profita rolls and a bottle of surprisingly decent red).

I took Emily up to the market square where we spend a happy 20 mins or so watching the various fountains and water features, with me pointing out the difference between a fountain and a waterfall. Meanwhile Cath was having a look in various stores for Emily clothing etc.

Update on the radio Emily- Bob the Builders song now!!!

Nothing too much else to report.... no music purchases yet this year, - although I've heard good things about White Lies - Album out tomorrow, and at some point I should pick up Block Parties third album. Been looking at the recent Sisters reissues there are a few tracks on some of the expanded CDs worth owning although it looks like you can buy individual tracks on Amazons new MP3 service. Was looking on E bay and some of the 90's UK goth stuff was being sold by someone in Russia for 20 quid a disc (Suspira etc) I may have a look see if I have anything to flog from this era, if thats the going rate........Other than that I must remember to put the Cures Kiss me.... on my i pod, and at some point buy the Faith expanded edition.

Right off now seems Emily is not going to sleep so Caths bring her down, therefore time to put the laptop away.

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